Mr. Waffle 4x Mini Waffle

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The Rotational 4xMini Waffles or Wafflet Waffle Making system is a tried and tested method of baking great Small Mini Waffles every time.

Mr. Waffle Waffle Baker Base Unit

Mr. Waffle Waffle Baker (Type A) with easy changeable baking plates

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4x Mini Waffle Baking Plates, set

BWB 4x Mini Waffle (100mm) Replacement Baking Plates Heavy Duty, one set w/ two plates.

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Our BWB Waffle Bakers are

  • 220V, 50Hz
  • made from aluminum and weigh only 10Kg
  • are delivered with one waffle plate
  • have a variety of 6 different waffle plates
  • delivered with a silicone fork
  • delivered with a dripping pan for the batter
  • delivered with a silicone brush to clean the waffle plates

BWB Waffle APP

  • The BWB Bakers come with a special device system that can be controlled from an iPhone or Android Mobile phone
  • With this app you can follow up every step of the waffle baking process and immediately assist your clients when needed
  • No actual WiFi needed as the BWB App and the BWB Baker connect with each other through the special device system that is built into the Baker
  • Counting Function – Shows the exact amount of baked Waffle Units
  • Heat Sensor Function – Baker Min and Max Temperature
  • Alarm Function
  • Download via Google Play / Appstore (There are a QR Code on the baker to scan)