ICE-FIT Protein Gelato

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2 x Protein, 1/2 fett jämfört med annan Gelato

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At last a creamy and tasty gelato for those of us who want to keep in shape. ICEfit is the Comprital answer to a gelato which is high in protein (twice that of a normal gelato) and low in fat (less than half). The perfect gelato for those who are careful about what they eat but who can’t resist the temptation of a good artisan gelato.

* Quantities compared to a normal gelato in the same flavour.


ICEfit is a preparation in powder form which is easy to use (one sachet to dilute in a set amount of warm water) in 4 flavors: vanilla, caramel, chocolate, and strawberry yoghurt.

ICEfit can ideally be offered in both the classic version (in a tub) or as a high-protein (individual) gelato bar, the perfect format for attracting the most interested in this product. Available to the gelateria: the nutritional information to display to the customer, labels for the tubs displaying the ICEfit logo and a set of “high-protein” recipes using a range of ingredients.

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Vikt 10 kg

Choklad, Karamell, Jordgubb/Yoghurt, Vanilj