Glass Teppanyaki 2.0

55.000 kr

  • arbetsyta 470x 270 mm
  • Bredd x Djup x Höjd:550x 345 x 390
  • effekt 300 W

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Ice Teppanyaki 2.0

Each customer can create his own ice cream flavour. Whether with dry ingredients such as biscuits and cookies, chocolate, nuts and chocolates, with fresh fruit, or a creative flavour combination of several ingredients. On the cold plate the selected ingredients are processed to fresh ice cream rolls, in front of the customer.

• Danfoss® high-performance compressor
• constant cooling even at 30°C ambient temperature
• silent operation
• in approx. 10 minutes down to -20°C, immediately ready to start
• particular large and effective fan for reliable heat exchange
• innovative cooling technology ensures a uniform temperature
• Defrost function for quick cleaning
• ideal for the creation of creative decorations of liquid chocolate: patterns can be painted on the cold plate and harden immediately
• working surface 420 x 270 mm
• temperature variable down to -28 ° C
• digital temperature control with display
• stainless steel case and plate
• cooling agent 404a

Tehcnical data Ice Teppanyaki 2.0

  • Voltage 230V
  • Supply frequency 50Hz
  • Electric power 300 W
  • Width x depth x height 550x 345 x 390 mm
  • Working area 470x 270 mm
  • Net-weight 41.6

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