Nutella Dispenser Heated

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Serve Nutella® straight from this stainless steel  dispenser without any mess or fuss.

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The Nutella® Foodservice Compatible Dispenser is an innovative solution that will allow you to serve Nutella® directly from Tub. Made in stainless steel is perfect for using Nutella® as topping or filling pastries, in a store or even at home. Imagine yourself dispensing Nutella® in a never seen way before! Just push the lever down and dispense the happiness.

Nutella® Foodservice 3kg tub compatible
Convenient storage and portion control, designed to preserve freshness
Avoids waste; easy to fill and clean
Design allows for as needed dispensing, dispenses approximately 1 ounce per pump
Each dispenser holds 1 3Kg Nutella® Foodservice tub

Nb. 3Kg Tub of Nutella® is NOT INCLUDED with purchase of Nutella® Dispenser.

Weight: 7lbs
Dimensions: 11 x 11 x 16 inches

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