Topping Värmare Pump 2.8L

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Servera varm topping från en 2.83L burk (3 qt), dispenser för upp till ca. 30ml (1 oz)  kan justeras i steg om 3.7ml (1/8 oz).


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The Server FSP Model topping warmer features a water-bath with wrap-around heating element to eliminate hot spots and provide accurate, even heat to your ice cream toppings. The temperature-controlled thermostat prevents accidental burning or scorching by sensing the food temperature and turning the 500 watt heating element on or off as needed.

This compact, countertop food warmer includes a stainless steel, portion controlled, topping pump and dispenses from a 3 quart jar. The base can be fitted with a lid and 1 oz ladle.

Key Benefits

  • Stainless steel base and topping pump
  • Pump dispenses 1 oz per stroke; adjusts in 1/8 oz increments
  • Temperature controlled thermostat for accurate heat control
  • Wrap-around heating element provides even heat; eliminating hot spots
  • Water fill lines eliminate overflow accidents
  • Dispenses from  your 3 qt jar

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