Thermocook® (plates not included)

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Multifunktionsapparat för utbytbara stekplattor (ingår ej), för närvarande finns mer än 25 olika utbytbara plattor tillgängliga

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Multifunction appliance for interchangeable plates (not included) • Currently more than 25 different interchangeable plates available, e.g. for waffles, pizza, crêpes, paninis, pancakes, donuts, sandwiches, churros • Digital timer with large display adjustable up to 9:59 min/sec • An acoustic signal at the end of the cooking time ensures consistent product quality, even with frequently changing staff • The acoustic signal reminds the user at the right time to remove the food so that it does not burn while they are performing other tasks at the same time • Optimal heat transfer: Direct contact between heating element and interchangeable plate due to 8 screws that are tightened evenly • New high-performance heating elements with enlarged heating surface for even heat distribution without hotspots • Particularly energy-efficient through optimised thermal insulation: A double shielding minimises heat loss and reduces the risk of serious burns • Extremely stable frame construction thanks to reinforced supports • The space of 42 mm between the hot plates and the casing prevents heat accumulation in the appliance and thus extends the service life • Improved ventilation slots ensure heat exchange in the casing • Easy cleaning of the accessible surfaces • Particularly service-friendly design for easy maintenance and repair • Front panel with display made of easy-to-clean and durable Autotex polyester • Thermostatic control 0 – 300°C • Pilot light • On/off switch • Stainless steel casing • Height-adjustable feet

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